Cooking with Seaweed: 101+ Ways


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Cooking with Seaweed 101+ Ways Cookbook ISBN 978-1-326-44734-2

Seaweed has become fashionable in the kitchen and cookery - finally. If you have never cooked with seaweed before then it can feel a little unusual as seaweed is a rather unusual ingredient. Fear not!

The purpose of Cooking with Seaweed: 101+ Ways is to bring a little seaweed into your life, specifically into your kitchen and diet, with some of the recipes originating in Wild Food School coastal foraging coursework notes from down the years. As you become more familiar with this unusual ingredient you will discover it is not something alien from Mars but is fun to use and can actually taste quite good when prepared properly.

For many people the nearest they get to seaweed as a food is the crispy fried side-dish served in Chinese restaurants. However, that is usually made from fried green cabbage or kale, and is as far removed from the true vegetables of the sea as one could possibly get.

Cooking with Seaweed: 101+ Ways, on the other hand, identifies about a dozen REAL edible seaweeds commonly found around the coastlines of northern temperate Europe, and provides more than one hundred recipes and methods of using them as food. Notes are provided for the identification of the listed species, and also on safety and sustainability for readers who wish to forage personally for seaweed.

Worldwide, seaweed is harvested on an industrial scale; estimates for annual global production ranging from 10 to 12 million tonnes of seaweed, or even more, with a commercial value measured in billions of dollars. Most of the output from this global industry is utilized for the production of hydrocolloid gels (alginin, agar and carrageenan) used in the processed food industry, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, with some seaweed used as fertilizer and the remainder as human food. Now it's your turn to give seaweed a try as food.

Cooking with Seaweed: 101+ Ways
ISBN 978-1-326-44734-2
Paperback | 138 pages | A5 format
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