Doomsday / Disaster Survival Course

zombie survival disaster survival post-disaster survival

This is where foraging and wild foods meet the Zombie Apocalypse.... A course about developing your methodology for acquiring water, food and fire sources as part of a survival strategy, given a set of circumstances or disaster scenario.

We will certainly look at foraging for food, but in the wider context of an overall survival strategy, which involves sourcing water, the effective use of your fire-fuel resources, and ground analysis in terms of selecting your base camp and for resource (water, fuel, food) acquisition.

It is a course which separates the idea of being 'tree huggy' from the understanding about the need to survive till the next day, next week, and beyond. IN SHORT: It's about providing you with an adaptive edge to help you master the landscape and your disaster survival environment, developing problem solving skills, and strategies for water and food security.

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Although there are the odd elements of bushcraft involved in the course this is not a bushcraft course. Far from it. There's no cordage making, learning how to construct an A-frame shelter, or how to light a fire, since you can learn these at one of the many survival courses on offer across the UK. There is, however, always the option of adding in refresher sessions on fire-lighting or water purification if participants wish, or adding in a coastal survival session.

And though there is an itinerary for the day's proceedings there is no precise/rigid structure. Rather, the sessions can be more hybridized as we can take time out to look at things of particular concern or interest, or stop to fill in knowledge gaps in your food-water-fire matrix where required.

So this is not a course taught by rote, and will probably best suit folks with some outdoor skills already, although 1-to-1 sessions can be organized for folks with no previous knowledge of the outdoors or bushcraft / camping skills.

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A copy of the Armageddon Cookbook & Doomsday Kitchen (signed if you wish) is included in the price.

£80/day, per person, while more in-depth 2 and 3 day sessions can be organized by arrangement.

For more information, or to make a booking - for yourself, or as a gift for the person who has absolutely everything - call 01208 873788 or e-mail while you're surfing this page.

The Disaster Survival Course is additional to the general WFS Foraging Course schedule and will be slated as and when called for.